About us

The story of Dentapreg and Fibrafill product lines started in - of all places - a kindergarten. This was way back in Communist Czechoslovakia when two friends were playing together in a sandbox. One of them was Josef Jancar and the other Zbynek Sedivy. Many years passed. After the Velvet Revolution came the fall of communism and those two friends finally had the freedom to live their dreams. Mr. Sedivy, as an engineer, was involved in the transition of the Czech aeronautic industry towards a Western oriented business. Mr. Jancar, as a physical chemist, became a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Connecticut where he focused on material science in medicine.

After many years, the two friends were reacquainted. They didn't talk about the sandbox anymore but rather about their areas of expertise. And in 1995, they founded ADM (Advanced Dental Materials) to explore ways of adapting strong and dependable aeronautic materials and pioneering their use in dentistry. It took years of research to perfect and in 2004 they were finally satisfied with the result. They believed they had a superior product that would bring dentists new opportunities to treat their patients more effectively. To properly serve the US market, they founded Dentapreg America Inc. in 2010.

Today, ADM continues to grow with customers worldwide. Europe, Israel, South Africa, and Australia - dentists, lab technicians and their patients all across the globe now enjoy the advantages of Dentapreg products.


Resilient Restorations

Fibrafill® CUBE is a microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations. The material is in the form of discrete application units with integrated membrane reinforcement made of continual glass fibers specifically designed for this purpose.