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Dentapreg provides a minimally invasive, highly aesthetic and cost-effective alternative to implants and traditional dental bridges. It can be used in just about every clinical situation where a tooth is missing. Unlike other materials, Dentapreg strips make it possible to build a temporary bridge chair-side in a single visit – make them part of your kit to increase value for your patients and boost your caseload.

Using Dentapreg’s highly adhesive, versatile strips makes fixed prosthodontics a lot more straightforward, whether you’re making anterior bridges or trickier posterior bridges. Ease of use is the key – you don't need any specialized instruments or equipment as the strips are compatible with all light-curing composites – and since Dentapreg is hypoallergenic, it’s suitable for patients allergic to metals. An ideal alternative to ceramic bridges or implants, Dentapreg gives dentists and patients confidence to replace teeth quickly using a minimally invasive, adhesive bridge made from high performance fiber-reinforced composite. 

Find out more with ‘Dentrapreg DELIVERS Simple steps to strong bridges’ – available for free download now.


Dentapreg fiber reinforcement strips let you create adhesive anterior bridges in a single visit. For emergency tooth replacement cases in particular, the Dentapreg bridge effect is stunning: the patient is in and out in an hour, and ready to walk away with a new smile. Dentapreg is all about minimally invasive tooth retention. It's an ideal dental flipper alternative during the healing period for an implant, or for young patients with missing teeth, letting you make it happen using wing retention (the ‘Maryland Bridge’ as well as other types of resin retained bridge) or other types of retention (inlay, onlay, box and crown preparation). Dentapreg also sets you up to create pontics out of composite build-up material, and to use a pre-made denture tooth or the original tooth with the root cut out.
Find out how easy the Dentapreg Anterior Bridge makes it to replace a missing anterior tooth with our tutorial. Choose Dentrapreg PFM to exquisitely bridge all kinds of unsightly dental gaps – full product details available here.

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Dentapreg bridges make light work of the often complex process of tooth replacement in the posterior area. Using the enhanced strength of the Dentrapreg PFU product, you’re ready to create a strong, reliable and minimally invasive solution which is a lot less impactful on the abutment teeth than a conventional ceramic bridge. Dentapreg’s ease of preparation means no lab fee, thus keeping costs low, and the bridges are also easily repairable. Dentapreg posterior bridges can be made with several different types of retention (inlay, onlay, slot, partial crown preparation, and wing retention – the ‘Maryland Bridge’) and pontics. You can make a pontic out of composite build-up material and use a pre-made denture tooth or even the original tooth with the root cut out.
Get introduced to the Dentapreg Posterior Bridge in this tutorial and find out about all of Dentapreg PFU’s strengths.


Resilient Restorations

Fibrafill® CUBE is a microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations. The material is in the form of discrete application units with integrated membrane reinforcement made of continual glass fibers specifically designed for this purpose.