• Splinting





Dentapreg is designed to let dentists do splinting work reliably, aesthetically and with a minimum of fuss. Our splints, made from fiber-reinforced composite material, won’t let you or your patients down.

For improved tooth stabilization, Dentapreg splint strips are easy to use – you don't need any special instruments or equipment. Beneath this simplicity, Dentapreg’s unique bio-mechanical properties ensure strong, rigid splints while at the same time providing the required natural flexibility for the stabilized teeth. The resulting splints are reliable and highly aesthetic, and crucially will not cause soft tissue irritation. These fiber-reinforced splints provide an additional key benefit for patients: they are metal-free and hypoallergenic, allowing for optimal oral hygiene to be maintained. Learn more about tooth stabilization with Dentapreg in our free e-book!


Highly aesthetic and reliable perio splinting is assured for patients thanks to the outstanding adhesion provided by the Dentapreg fiber strip and composite.

Dentapreg offers two types of perio splint: one for temporary extracoronal splinting, the other for permanent intracoronal splinting. For extracoronal splinting of anterior teeth, Dentapreg SFM strips have excellent pliability and their size makes them a perfect fit. For intracoronal occlusal splinting and the reinforcing of posterior teeth, Dentapreg SFU strips offer the requisite strength for longer treatment durations, such as for palliative treatment when extraction has to be postponed. Dentapreg’s unique product characteristics and adaptability are also ideal for all types of splinting, be it lingual, occlusal or facial.

To find out how easy it is to get outstanding results with Dentapreg perio splints, spend a few moments with this video tutorial. Find full product details at: Dentapreg SFM and Dentapreg SFU.


Using a fixed retainer for post-orthodontic treatment needn’t be a nightmare for patients thanks to Dentapreg’s highly aesthetic, virtually invisible glass fiber strips. For dentists all too familiar with compromised orthodontic treatment that comes with removable retainers, Dentapreg offers more control to prevent relapses.

Dentapreg’s post-ortho retentions solution is designed to put patient comfort first, minimising interference with speech as well as the playing of sports and musical instruments. Where conventional removable retainers can lead to poor patient co-operation, and undermine often lengthy and costly treatment, a retainer fixed with a Dentapreg SFM strip ensures co-operation – and long-term treatment success – with no hassle and no stress for anyone. 

We’ll tell you more about this Dentapreg magic in ourtutorial and you can also get full Dentapreg SFM product information.


When dental accidents and injuries happen, trauma splints need to be made quickly and applied easily, all without imposing additional trauma on the injured tooth. This is where Dentrapreg SFM comes into its own as an essential part of any emergency kit for stabilizing traumatized teeth.
The key lies in the enhanced pliability and malleability of the strips, provided by the multi-directional orientation of the Dentapreg glass fiber. A loose tooth can be quickly stabilised to adjacent teeth, avoiding additional trauma as well as irritation to soft tissues. Dentapreg trauma splints are suitable for use in injuries to periodontal tissues, hard dental tissues and the pulp, and to the supporting bone. For such a big performer, Dentrapreg SFM is also discreet enough to be placed even on the facial surface to cover all eventualities. And once an injury is healed, the glass fiber splints can be removed easily.   
Get introduced to Dentapreg trauma splints in splinting tutorial and find out about all of Dentapreg SFM’s emergency attributes.


Resilient Restorations

Fibrafill® CUBE is a microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations. The material is in the form of discrete application units with integrated membrane reinforcement made of continual glass fibers specifically designed for this purpose.