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Dentapreg is the perfect tool for biomimetic dentistry. For composite restoration to be successful there needs to be precise imitation of the original structure of the tooth. Two innovative products – Dentapreg UFM and Dentapreg PINPost – have been developed to do just that. 
The toughness of Dentapreg’s unique fiber-glass, light-curing stretchable strip, allied with its ability to adapt perfectly to any shape of dental crown, make it indispensable for any minimally invasive dentistry toolkit. For restorations of all sizes and complexity, Dentapreg is able to mimic the tooth’s dentinoenamel junction (DEJ) – as a result, occlusal forces are spread across the crown, thus preventing cracks and boosting the longevity of large restorations. 
And when you need to reconstruct teeth following endodontic treatment or the fracturing of vital teeth, look no further than the Dentapreg PINPost for fast, risk-free crown retention.

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Rather than preparing a tooth for a crown restoration or fully extracting it, Dentapreg can help to save a tooth quickly, without the need for complex techniques, materials or instruments. Dentapreg UFM has the unique property of being able to mimic a tooth’s DEJ when placed in a restoration. This means greatly increased durability for your composite restoration work. These ultra thin, highly adaptable strips are made for minimally invasive dentistry – and for very noticeable clinical success stories.

Learn more about the high value packed inside Dentapreg UFM’s 0.1 mm thickness with this video tutorial and see the product information page.

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Dentapreg UFM’s smart flexibility means that it’s suitable for a variety of different applications in restorative dentistry and minimally invasive prosthetics: crown build up and restoration, the strengthening of large restorations, the reinforcement of composite veneers and the reconstruction of incisal edges.

Class IV restorations, such as for a chipped incisal edge, have by far the highest failure rate: they fracture all too often. To prevent the risk of a restored crown fracturing again, reach for an ultra thin glass fiber strip from Dentapreg. This reinforcement will act as a biomimetic replacement of the DEJ by spreading the occlusal forces across the entire crown and preventing stress concentration in a single point, and thus: no fracturing. Not only can you trust Dentapreg UFM to prevent restoration fractures, but it also delivers highly aesthetic results thanks to its overall malleability and ability to smoothly blend in with the colour of the surrounding composite.
An end to restoration fractures is possible with Dentapreg – this video tutorial shows you how, and the Dentapreg UFM product detail page explains how it works.


Dentapreg PINPosts present a new solution to minimally invasive, fast, and risk-free crown retention ideal for teeth after endodontic treatment. They are so thin and flexible that it’s not a problem for them to adapt to the root curvature - drilling the root canal is no longer necessary. With only 0.45 mm width of Dentapreg PINPosts, the dentist is able to use more pins in one pulp chamber creating greater retention capabilities, respecting the original biomechanics of the tooth and consequently avoiding the risk of root fracture. These pins make process of reconstructing the tooth faster and easier than the traditional posts - whether you need a post and core build-up or a parapulpally retained restoration. 

Explore the new dimension of crown retention with Dentapreg PINPosts in this video tutorial and learn more about the pins here.


Resilient Restorations

Fibrafill® CUBE is a microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations. The material is in the form of discrete application units with integrated membrane reinforcement made of continual glass fibers specifically designed for this purpose.