Crowns and veneers: Prepare to repair with Dentapreg

Tooth restoration involving metal and porcelain runs a high risk of fracturing and can be the source of a lot of inconvenience. Using high performance fiber-reinforced composite material, Dentapreg strips drastically reduce the risk of tooth fracture by actually mimicking natural tooth design, with long-term reliability delivered in a minimally invasive manner. 
We’ve studied the biomechanics behind fractures and harnessed our product to specifically minimize and prevent high stress concentration in risk areas. Dentapreg Veil is a special stretchable glass fiber reinforcement which spreads stress across a larger area, significantly reducing stress concentration in the tooth. A highly aesthetic solution to an all too familiar problem, Dentapreg Veil is designed to adapt perfectly to any shape of crown, and to keep on working for you.    
Find out more with ‘Dentrapreg DELIVERS – Restorations that you can rely on – available for free download now. 

Reinforced crown

Rather than preparing a tooth for a crown or fully extracting it, Dentapreg can help to save a tooth quickly, without having to resort to complex techniques, materials or instruments. Dentapreg Veil has the unique property of being able to mimic a tooth’s dentino-enamel junction when placed in a restoration. This means greatly increased durability for composite restoration work. These ultra-thin, highly adaptable strips are made for minimally invasive dentistry – and for very noticeable clinical success stories.
Learn more about the high value packed inside Dentapreg Veil’s 0.1 mm thickness with this video tutorial  and see the product information page

Reinforced veneer

Dentapreg Veil’s smart flexibility means that it’s suitable for a variety of different applications in restorative dentistry, including the reinforcement of composite veneers. When in place, the Veil strip’s ultra-thin design has the advantage of not requiring a thick layer of veneering composite and it is compatible with all light-curing C&B and flowable composite materials. Impressive aesthetics, a simple and fast application procedure, and resilient, highly durable results – that’s what Dentapreg’s approach to restoration is all about. 

An end to restoration fractures is possible with Dentapreg – this video tutorial shows you how, and the Dentapreg Veil product detail page explains how it all works.