Anterior Bridge

Replacement of Missing Tooth

Watch this Dr. Van Zytveld's case of anterior bridge made with Dentapreg PFM with step-by-step instructions.

Adhesive Bridge to Replace a Congenitally Missing Incisor

Dr. Rolf Meijer makes a direct adhesive bridge to replace a congenitally missing incisor and combines it with a fixed orthodontic retainer.

Perio Splint with Immediate Tooth Replacement

Using Dentapreg reinforcement strip, Dr. HipĆ³lito Fabra makes a single-visit adhesive bridge with the original tooth serving as a pontic. The splinted crown is held in position and final replacement (costly implant or invasive porcelain bridge) is postponed by several years.

Dentapreg Anterior Bridge Training

This webinar explains anterior bridges using Dentapreg strips.