Make dentures built to last with Dentapreg

You’ve seen it happen too often – no sooner has one of your patients been fitted with dentures than they get broken, and your patient’s back for a return visit, requesting an urgent solution. 
Dentapreg denture reinforcement is the quick, easy and enduring solution. Key to ensuring denture longevity and reliability is the strength of the fiber mesh placed into the standard denture base. A denture reinforced with Dentapreg MESH is 5x stronger than traditional non-reinforced dentures and 3x stronger than metal-reinforced dentures. No more denture fractures, no more complaints.
What’s more, thanks to the uniqueness of Dentapreg fiber reinforcement, you can make tougher dentures which look great and are comfortable to wear. 
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Reinforced dentures

Dentapreg allows you to reinforce dentures with confidence. When inserted into the denture base, the special blend of PMMA resin which is pre-impregnated into Dentapreg’s glass fibers allows a strong chemical bond to be created with the acrylic denture base material. Compatible with both heat-curing and cold-curing acrylic resins, Dentapreg MESH is a fast and extremely reliable approach to denture reinforcement.
Learn more about Dentapreg’s simple yet strong denture reinforcement with this video tutorial. Find full product details at: Dentapreg MESH

Denture repair

The brittle nature of acrylic denture base material means that breakages happen often. Dentapreg MESH lets you react and repair quickly – it takes less than a minute to cut and form Dentapreg MESH into the desired shape before placing into the denture base for perfect chemical bonding. With no need for special instruments or equipment, you can make a quick fix, with lasting results.
To find out more about denture repair made easy, turn to this Dentapreg video tutorial. Find full product details at: Dentapreg MESH 

Implant supported dentures

As implant supported dentures become more and more common, they need to be aesthetic and comfortable from the moment a patient starts wearing them. The high-end glass fibers that make up Dentapreg MESH deliver all of this, as well as enhanced toughness which limits denture fatigue caused by load related to this particular type of denture. Dentapreg MESH is a must for implant supported dentures to last. 
Learn how to reinforce implant supported dentures the Dentapreg way with this video tutorial. Find full product details at: Dentapreg MESH