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Dentapreg Posterior Bridge



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We recommend using Dentapreg® BUNDLE for the enhanced strength required for posterior bridges.
Dentapreg® offers esthetic, non-metal and minimally invasive solutions for long term temporaries in the  posterior area for a reasonable price. Using standard crown and bridge composite or even the original tooth, this provisional solution can postpone the final treatment, such as a ceramic bridge or implant. Dentapreg® is also a fast, reliable, and comfortable option to use during the healing phase of an implant. As such, it is a great alternative to conventional partial removable dentures ("flippers), that are commonly used in this situation.

Dentapreg® BUNDLE provides a minimally invasive solution for creating a posterior bridge framework which is not only strong but also very reliable. Dentapreg® BUNDLE is a pre-impregnated unidirectional glass fiber strip with enhanced strength, the strip is optimalized for reinforcing dental structures in posterior area in order to withstand strong occlusal forces applied on molars and premolars. One of the most important attributes of Dentapreg® BUNDLE is that it is a time saving and cost effective procedure. The strips are very easy to work with and you don't need any special instruments or equipment - it is compatible with all light-curing composite materials.

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