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Dentapreg - constructive composites

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Resistant and reliable denture reinforcement >> more

Posterior Bridge

Minimally invasive, reliable and esthetics short to long-term temporaries >> more

Anterior Bridge

Minimally invasive, reliable and esthetics short to long-term temporaries >> more

Crowns and Veneers

Outstanding crowns and veneers reinforcement >> more
Dentapreg® is a constructive composite, a new class of glass fiber reinforcement material suitable for building structures such as temporary bridges, large restorations and reinforcement of dentures.
Adapting cutting-edge technology from aerspace industry, Dentapreg® combines the best of two worlds: technology and dentistry. The unique properties of Dentapreg® are achieved thanks to perfectly balanced highest-class components and advanced manufacturing technologies. It is composed of glass fibers, which were originally developped for the strenght requirements of a space shuttle, and a special blend of  light-curing and heat-curing resins that are compatible with all light-curing composites and with acrylate materials used in dentures. 
Dentapreg® provides high versatility of adaptation and can, therefore, be used in a variety of clinical applications. 

Dentapreg® Laboratory Line products come in two forms:
Dentapreg® Laboratory Strips which are tacky pliable pre­‐impregnated glass fiber strips or veils of different architecture and sizes. When light cured, these strips becomes rigid.
All Dentapreg® products are based on the same  material, but each is optimalized for a specific clinical situation: some have enhanced pliability, whereas others have enhanced strenght.  Some contain light-curing resin, some heat-curing. As such, Dentapreg®  provides high versatility of adaptation and is therefore a great problem solver.
Dentapreg® products have many benefits. They are easy and fast to use thus saving valuable time of technicians. They also provide outstanding esthetics and reliability.
Dentapreg® respects the principles of minimally invasive and biomimetic dentistry, always keeping in mind that dentistry should not be only about drilling and filling but about preserving as much of the original tooth structure as possible.

Dentapreg® Sheets which are sheet reinforcements for dentures and overdentures. They are composed of glass-fiber mesh and heat-curing resin.
      Dentapreg® MESH (Sheet Reinforcement)

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