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Acrylic denture reinforcement material should be an indispensable part of every technician’s arsenal. Unfortunately, it is an area that has not seen as much progress as other prosthetic materials have in recent years. As a result, technicians nowadays do not have many options to chose from and so they either decide not to reinforce removable dentures at all (and thus risk fracture) or to use a bulky and unsightly metal mesh. 

To fill this void, Dentapreg® introduces a new heat-curing resin pre-impregnated glass fiber mesh for reinforcement and repair of removable dentures.

Dentapreg® MESH is a revolutionary product that brings new opportunities in reinforcement and repair of removable dentures.  It is made from high-end glass fibers impregnated with heat-curing resin that chemically bonds directly to the acrylic denture. Dentapreg® MESH gives dentures the desired toughness and elasticity and prevents breakage caused by a fall or fatigue during long term chewing.

Dentapreg® MESH is very easy to use. The application procedure is very fast and the risk of misuse is minimized. The application procedure is much easier and faster than that of other reinforcing solutions.

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