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Dentapreg® VEIL is the latest Dentapreg® innovation. What distinguishes it from other strips is its thinness and adaptability. Dentapreg® VEIL is surprisingly thin (only 0.1 mm) and very formable, yet it has superior strength characteristics. It is stretchable: when you take it out of the blister, it is only 4 mm wide but can be easily stretched up to 10 mm. It also has a very low shape memory which means it is very easy to shape and apply because it does not have tendency to strengthen itself after being bent. It therefore adapts perfectly to any shape of a crown.

Dentapteg® VEIL was developed as a biomimetic replacement of DEJ (dentino-enamel junction). The main function of Dentapreg® VEIL is to mimic DEJ by spreading forces from occlusion and thus preventing stress concentration and cracks propagating from enamel to dentin. As a result, Dentapreg® VEIL can significantly increase longevity of composite restorations.
Thanks to the special blend of light-curing resin used for strip impregnation, Dentapreg® VEIL (just as all other Dentapreg® products) is compatible with all light-curing C&B and flowable composite materials. Working with Dentapreg® VEIL is fast, easy and safe. It does not require using any special techniques, materials or instruments.

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