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Dentapreg® Clinical and Laboratory product lines are manufactured by Advanced Dental Materials and imported into the United States by Dentapreg America Inc. 

Advanced Dental Materials a.s. is an independent private company focused on the research, development and manufacturing of high-tech dental materials based on advanced composites. Founded in 1995, its mission has remained the same: to bring the most advanced composite materials to dentistry. 
Dentapreg America Inc. is an exclusive importer of Dentapreg® products into the United States. It was founded in 2010 in order to properly serve the US market.

Dentapreg team is comprised of highly motivated professionals with solid expertise in material science and biomechanics. Our philosophy is to focus on what we really understand - that means materials - and provide it in its best form to leading dentists and technicians for their feedback, evaluation and clinical comments. We cooperate systematically with leading dental professionals worldwide and constantly innovate our products based on their feedback.

Dentapreg® products are based on sophisticated production technology developed originally for use in manufacturing aerospace structures such as liquid oxygen tabs on the Space Shuttle or vertical stabilizer in Airbus A380. We modified this technology to produce the same composition as in aerospace industries and created a product that is biocompatible and with miniature dimensions ideal for use in dentistry.

Dentapreg® is a clinically reliable, esthetically beautiful, easy to use material that can be used in a wide range of minimal or non-invasive procedures, from splints to bridges or post-orthodontic retainers to pin posts. Relying on high-tech technology, we have created a new class of material with unique properties that provide dental professionals with a patient friendly, fast and efficient treatment option.


Contact information:

US importer:

Dentapreg America Inc.
Sarasota Courthouse
1990 Main Street, Suite 750
34236 Sarasota, FL

Phone: +(1) 866-697-5266
Fax: +(1) 941-925-2913



ADM, a.s.
U Vodárny 2, 616 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 511 205 360
Fax: +420 541 143 067


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