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Dentapreg Reinforcement


Clinical Applications

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Dentapreg® SFU provides an ideal solution for fast, reliable and esthetic intracoronal occlusal splinting and reinforcement. Besides splinting, these pre-impregnated glass fiber reinforced composite strips are also usefull in many other clinical application, such as postorthodontic retainers, space maintainers or individually shaped endodontic posts. 
Dentapreg® SFU is easy to use - there is no need for special instruments, equipment, or material. Final applications are very strong, reliable and esthetically perfect and do not cause irritation of soft tissues. At the same time, the mechanical properties of Dentapreg® allow you to make strong splints that are suitable even as long-term or permanent solutions, yet the rigidity of the splint is such that the physiological movement of the tooth is not compromised. Most importantly, a fiber-reinforced splint works well for the patient as it is a metal free and hypoallergenic device which allows the proper oral hygiene.
The cross-section of the Dentapreg® SFU strip can be easily changed, so it can be inserted even into a very narrow preparation. As such, Dentapreg® SFU is a great tool for minimally invasive dentistry as it allows a dentist to preserve as much of the original dental tissue as possible.

 For intracoronal occlusal splinting and reinforcement of posterior teeth, we recommend using Dentapreg® SFU for excellent strength and convenient size. For lingual splints of anterior teeth, please refer to the  splinting  section of this website.

Dental splinting made with Dentapreg® SFU is indicated in the following clinical situations:
In periodontics:
- permanent intracoronal occlusal stabilization of periodontically compromised teeth
In orthodontics:
- short and long term retention to maintain the results of orthodontic treatment
In endodontics:
- anatomically shaped endodontic post

In pediatric dentistry for space management:
- therapies maintaining existing space when primary teeth have been lost prematurely.

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