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Dentapreg PINPost


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Dentapreg® brings a completely new solution to minimally invasive, fast, and risk-free crown retention ideal for reconstructing the tooth after endodontic treatment.

Dentapreg® PINPosts are unique by being flexible. The very thin pins are able to anatomically conform to the curvature of the root without the need for additional root canal enlargement. Since Dentapreg® PINPosts are only 0.45mm wide, the dentist is able to use more pins in one pulp chamber creating greater retention capabilities. The concept of flexible pins respects the original biomechanics of the tooth and consequently avoids the risk of root fracture. Furthermore, the process of reconstructing the tooth with these pins is faster and easier than with traditional posts.


Dentapreg® PINPosts are made of pre-cured fiber-reinforced composite. The fibers are aerospace-grade s-glass fibers combined with a blend of methacrylate monomers resin. 

Dentapreg® PINPosts are used in the following situations:

- post and core of endodontically treated teeth

- parapulpally retained restoration (e.g. to rebuild a vital tooth fractured at the ginigival margin)



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