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Live CE webinar on Anterior Provisionalization


Please join us on 11/15 for a free CE webinar with Dr. Phillip Kraver who will explain his technique for dealing with difficult anterior provisionalization cases. You can reserve your seat here.

Free CE webinar on Conservative Restorative Dentistry

Reserve a seat for Dr. Jeffrey Hoos's live on Monday 9/26 and earn 1 CE credit. Dr. Hoos will discuss a conservative concept for restoring teeth that is economical for the patient and profitable for the dentist at the same time. He will describe his techniques and preferred materials of biomimetic restorative dentistry as well as the economics of providing these restorative solutions. More info available here.

Clinical Video - Tips on Perio Splints and Ortho Retainers

Watch Dr. Gottlieb's short 2 minute video demonstrating how to fabricate a periodontal splint or fixed orthodontic retainer.

Dr. Gottlieb presents three clinical cases of intra-oral splinting. These clinical tips will help streamline the splinting process in your office. The first case uses PVS impression material to block out the embrasure space; the second case uses the patients own heavy calculus and the block out material and finally treatment of rotated lower anterior teeth.

All of the cases were splinted with Dentapreg® SFM sandwiched between layers of dental composite.

Free CE Webinar on Direct Composites

Dr. Marc Gottlieb's on-line webinar "A Comprehensive Guide to Direct Composites" is now available on demand. Watch it here and earn 1 free CE credit.

Free CE Webinar on Direct Composites

Attend Dr. Marc Gottlieb's on-line webinar "A Comprehensive Guide to Direct Composites" on December 7th an earn 1 CE credit. Reserve your seat today here.

Clinical video - Incisal Edge Restoration

Watch Dr. Dennis Hartlieb demonstrate the use of Dentapreg reinforcement strips and Cosmedent composites to create a highly esthetic and long-lasting Class IV restoration of chipped incisal edge. The clinical video is available here.

Free CE webinar on Constructive Composites

Attend Dr. Jeffrey Hoos's on-line webinar on Dentapreg Constructive Composites and earn 1 CE credit. You can view the webinar on-demand here.

Anatomical Post: How to make an anatomical stress-free post

Watch Dr. Richard J. Pitz  explain how to make an anatomical stress-free post that will minimize the risk of root fracture. 

No More Broken Dentures

Watch Dr. Richard J. Pitz describe the best insurance policy there is against broken dentures: Dentapreg MESH.

Join us for CE webinar on Constructive Composites

Reserve your seat at Dr.Eric Van Zytveld's on-line webinar on Dentapreg Constructive Composites. From replacing a missing tooth in a single appointment to splinting of periodontally involved teeth and reinforcing a long span temporary bridge, fiber reinforced composites (FRC) have a valuable role in adhesive minimally-invasive dentistry. Procedures that required several office visits and sending the case to a lab can now be completed during a single appointment and are very affordable, predictable and repairable. Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will be able to immediately implement clinical techniques including periodontal splinting, direct and semi-direct anterior bridges, posterior bridges, reinforcing large restorations and reinforcing temporary bridges. Participants will receive 1 CE credit.

Watch our new video - Tips by Dr. Pitz 03

Watch Dr. Richard J. Pitz explain why it is important to reinforce composite bridges. Dental restorative composite materials have good strength in compression but are quite weak in tension. The problem is that forces from occlusion cause dental bridge to bend. And bending is nothing else than a combination of compression and tension. For a bridge to withstand these occlusal forces, it must be reinforced with a material with high tensile strength - Dentapreg constructive composites.

Clinical video - Dr. Eric Van Zytveld

Watch Dr. Eric Van Zytveld describe his technique for fabricating a single-visit anterior composite bridge with Dentapreg.

Clinical video - Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

Watch Dr. Dennis Hartlieb demonstrate the use of Dentapreg strips with Cosmedent Renamel Nanofilled composite to create a free-hand resin bonded bridge.

Tips by Dr. Pitz 02

Find out what are some useful accessories to use with Dentapreg in the second episode of Tips by Dr. Pitz. 

Tips by Dr. Pitz 01

Useful tips on how to use Dentapreg constructive composite. Click here to watch the first episode.

On-line CE course on New Composite Technology

Learn more about Dentapreg and other new cutting-edge composite materials in this on-line webinar by Dr. Jeffrey Hoos.

Dentapreg® SFM recognized by the Dental Advisor as a great problem solver

We are very pleased to announce that the Dental Advisor recognized Dentapreg® SFM as a great problem solver for treatment of mobile or avulsed teeth. Independent clinicans were pleased with how easy the strips are to handle, cut and bond to teeth and confirmed that Dentapreg® SF is an excellent option when time is a major factor, as in trauma cases.
The Dental Advisor's 2014 Problem Solvers can be found here.

Watch Dr. Graham Dindol create a fiber reinforced bridge in a single visit

Dr. Graham Dindol showing how to easily create fibre reinforced adhesive bridges in a single visit - an alternative to implant or a temporary during an implant healing period. Find out how to build up a bridge and a pontic from scratch using the latest methods and techniques here.

Dentapreg in Endodontics

Unusual root canal shape? Don't want to risk a root canal fracture? Dentapreg® PINPosts are just what you need. Check out our new video tutorial and a hands-on demonstration

Happy New Year!

We wish you and your families, friends, partners and patients a successful year!

New clinical case

New clinical case

Hands-on Training with Eric Van Zytveld, DDS, in Denver

If you want to try and learn how composites can help you fabricate bridges, splints and build-ups, don't miss this practical seminar with Dr. Eric Van Zytveld on May 10 in Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Denver, CO. For detailed content, follow this link to our trainings session. 

More resources!

Looking for some fresh content? We have doubled the Resources section on our website, which will not only help you to understand and use our products better through Online training or Articles written by renown dentists and other specialist, but you can also learn about live trainings in your area. Moreover, you can also contribute by sharing your experience with Dentapreg! We really hope you'll find the new material truly resourceful! 

Looking back...IDS 2013

We would like to thank all of you who visited our booth and we hope that this year's edition of IDS has been fruitful and productive for you as it has been for us! 

Coming soon...IDS 2013

The biggest event in the dental industry is approaching - 2013 edition of International Dental Show, held from 12th to 16th March 2013 in Cologne, Germany, is just around the corner. And for the fifth time, we at Dentapreg are going to participate. Don't miss this exciting show and stop by our booth #038 in Hall 11.1. 

Midwinter Dreaming in Chicago

This winter we are taking the opportunity to exchange the freezing Czech Republic for the Windy City, and we would be glad to meet you there! The Midwinter Meeting, hosted by Chicago Dental Society starts on February 21st and Dentapreg is going to be there!
Don't hesitate to drop by at our booth #4830. 

Find out more about the Meeting at http://www.cds.org/mwm/

2013 Product Award from the Dental Advisor for Dentapreg SFM (2)

Wishing our partners a successful new year, we are proud to share our success - Dentapreg SFM has been awarded as a top splinting material by the Dental Advisor Editor's Choice 2013. Indipendent consultants were pleased with the quality of the strip and good manageability, among other features of the strip. The Dental Advisor's clinical evaluation is avalaible here

Looking Back...ADA Annual Meeting

We had another great opportunity to present our advanced FRC products at one of the biggest trade exhibitions in the USA - ADA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Dentapreg booth was visited by over 200 dentists coming not only from the USA, and each of them got a sample of our successful product for splinting, Dentapreg SFM, to try. It is always very nice to see that our fiber glass reinforced composites are positively received and we are looking forward to the feedback from the dentists. 
To view a few pictures that were taken during the show, check our Facebook page!

Dentapreg SFM awarded 4.5 pluses as The Dental Advisor Editor's Choice

In the October issue of The Dental Advisor you can find the evaluation of Dentapreg SFM strip indicated for dental splints, including periodontal splinting, trauma splints and post-orthodontic retention. 
We were very pleased to receive 93 % clinical rating for the product and that 78 % of the consultants who evaluated it found Dentapreg SFM to be a better fiber reinforced composite than others they use. 
You can read the whole evaluation directly at The Dental Advisor website

Meet the Future of Dentistry in San Francisco

We would like to invite you to our booth  # 6370 at American Dental Association Annual Session in San Francisco starting October 18 and ending October 20. "The future of dentistry meets here."

Photos from ODA, Columbus

From September 13 to September 15 we participated in the Ohio Dental Association Annual Session held in Columbus Convention Center. We had the possibility to present our complete product line and a great number of dentists took the chance to visit our booth. They were mainly interested in Dentapreg SFM which is our product indicated for easy splinting and stabilization of mobile teeth.
We also took a few photos during a rare quiet moment. You can view them on our Facebook page: 

Capture your potential and meet us at ODA Annual Session 2012

Starting September 13, we will welcome you at our booth at Ohio Dental Association's Annual Session in Columbus. As the title of the exhibition suggests, we would like to invite you to the exploration of Dentapreg's potential!
Check our news for updated information about our presence at the event, or check the official website http://oda.org/news-and-events/annual-session/ 

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